Pro boxing set for May 19 start in Nepal


Nepali boxing will see its first ever professional bout from May 19 with the beginning of Champ of Champions, a gateway for boxers to earn World Boxing Council (WBC) Asia and WBC license.

Max Boxing Promotion and Dancing Yak are jointly organising the Champ of Champions after getting an approval from WBC. The organisers claims that the winner will not only earn WBC Asian and WBC license but also opportunities to clash against professional boxers across the world.

A selection tournament consisting of 16 boxers will be held on May 19-20 from where eight pugilists will qualify for the tournament proper scheduled one and half month later, informed the organisers on Tuesday. The champion will earn Rs 200,000 (S$2,720), the first runners-up will get Rs 30,000 and second runner-up will take home Rs 10,000 respectively.

The event will be fought in just one weight division and will be named Pro Boxing Light Weight 61kg. “This is an opportunity for our boxers to go professional internationally. It will also help lure more boxers to take up the sport,” said Manohar Basnet ‘Max’ a national boxing champion himself.

“I have been national champion several times in amateur boxing but throughout my career I never had anything to boast around. In professional boxing, the boxers will not only earn money but also get an opportunity to rule the ring in certain weight categories at international level. This event will certainly take Nepali boxing to a new height,” said Basnet.

Max Boxing Promotion is a wing under Nepal Pro Boxing Commission, which itself is at its premature stage. Basnet said the Max Boxing Promotion has been authorised by the WBC Asia and WBC. The participating boxers are hand-picked by Basnet himself for the pro championship. “This is just a start for us and with time, the selection of the boxers will get more systematic,” he added.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017 – 12:52
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