Twin Indonesian models compete in Asia's Next Top Model


Three Indonesians are among 14 contestants in the fifth season of Asia’s Next Top Model, which kicked off on Wednesday. In addition to Clara Tan, the Indonesian participants are twin sisters Veronika Krasnasari and Valerie Krasnadewi.

“Veronika and Valerie are the first twin models to participate in the competition,” said Fox Networks Group Asia marketing manager Lesley Simpson as reported by

The twins had actually auditioned for the series’ second season, but were not chosen. “We had really prepared for Season 5 and, thank God, we made it,” said Veronika, adding that both aimed to win the competition and she regarded her sister as the toughest contestant to beat and vice versa.

Veronika and Valerie are graduates of the Bandung Institute of Technology’s microbiology and bioengineering study programs, respectively. Prior to Asia’s Next Top Model, they had won several modeling contests, including Cosmopolitan magazine’s 2014 Fun Fearless Female.

The fifth season of the model show is set to run until June 28. In its first episode, Anjelica Santillan from the Philippines was eliminated, while Clara Tan received the first call-out of the season.

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Sunday, April 9, 2017 – 18:00
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