Massive steam-table seafood spread elicits excited exclamations


Like seafood? Like fresh seafood?

Then you’ll probably love what you’re going to see in this video.

The “steam table” is a contraption in a restaurant in Ningbo, China, where seafood – much of it “exotic”, still alive and probably expensive – is steamed in a massive turn table-like “pot”.

The video was shared in December 2015 by Mr Matt Galat, who said in his Facebook page that he’s on a five-year cycling journey through 100 countries, from Ningbo in China to Los Angeles in the United States.

Mr Galat said in his post in YouTube that even some of his Chinese friends have not eaten like this previously. One of his friends exclaimed “how can we finish this?” in the video, after seeing the spread.

The seafood is steamed after a huge cover is placed over the pot. You can hear the excitement of the diners when the cover is lifted after the steaming process.

However, not all comments on the post have been positive. There are some calling the spread “excessive” or wasteful, and a few who felt that steaming the live seafood was cruel.

Excessive? Cruel? We’ll leave it up to you to decide.

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Friday, March 4, 2016 – 16:55
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