Man U boss Louis Van Gaal's fall during match inspires hilarious memes online


Eighteen-year-old Marcus Rashford may have been credited for helping Manchester United defeated Arsenal 3-2 in their English Premier League match on Sunday (Feb 28), but he had to share the spotlight with his manager, Louis Van Gaal, in the aftermath.

With folder in hand, the Dutchman hilariously threw himself to the ground to make a point to the assistant referee that Arsenal was getting too many fouls.

The Internet has naturally exercised its creative juices, and have come up with numerous memes to remember the bizarre moment.

One of the pictures shows Van Gaal on his back on a bed in a room as he seems to enjoy a pole dance.

Another shows the Manchester United boss on his back with a big bear above him, a reference to the Leonardo DiCaprio film The Revenant. A number of other memes also put him in scenes from popular films, including 300 and The Matrix.

According to the Daily Mail, Van Gaal’s protest proved popular with the Old Trafford faithful, although he admitted after the match that he had been “too emotional”.

Despite becoming the latest subject of the Internet’s collective mirth, Van Gaal will surely not be too disappointed after watching his team win 3-2 to severely dent Arsenal’s title hopes. The game saw a stunning performance by teenage striker Rashford, who scored two and set up another in his debut Premier League appearance.

This is not the first football-related incident to be meme-fied by netizens. In 2012, Chelsea captain John Terry was lampooned online for changing into his full kit to celebrate even though he did not actually play in his team’s Champions League final victory over Bayern Munich. In that episode, netizens digitally edited Terry into various historical events.

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Monday, February 29, 2016 – 17:20
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