Dancing buskers in Korea accused of harassment after grabbing women's hair as part of act


A dancing busker has drawn flak for allegedly harassing women while performing.

A short video clip uploaded on social media Sunday showed the street dance performer grabbing a female audience member by her hair in the middle of a performance in Hongdae, a district in Seoul known as a hotbed for youths and buskers.

The performer kept on dancing while holding onto the woman’s hair. The person who filmed the video said, “I was shocked. In the middle of the show, he just grabbed her hair.”

Photo: YouTube

After the post spread online, some commenters said that the busking team has repeatedly grabbed female spectators’ hair during performances. They added that the act amounts to harassment.

A woman posted on social media that she was a victim of the unexpected act, saying “I was dazed by the involuntary head-banging because I have anaemia.”

The accused street performer said in an interview with a Korean media outlet that the act was for the “atmosphere of the performance.” He said that he always apologised if the “performance was too much.”

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 – 09:26

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