Colombian TV show mocks Asians, even after soccer player's apology for racist gesture


A Colombian TV show racially discriminated against Asians by imitating its national football player’s actions.

Edwin Cardona, a Colombian football player, made a racist mocking gesture at Korean captain Ki Sung-yueng during a friendly match last Friday in Korea.

Ki later said, “(Dirty play on the field) sometimes happens. But racial discrimination can never be accepted.”

The Colombian player later apologised through the Colombian Football Association “for causing misunderstandings.”

Meanwhile, a Colombian TV show titled “La Kalle” is also accused of racial discrimination, with its hosts imitating Cardona’s racist gesture.

After showing clips of the football player mocking Asians on the field, the hosts of the show and their guests lifted the corners of their eyes — making a “slanted eyes” gesture — and laughing.

One of the guests even wore a face mask in an apparent move to mock Asians.

Photo: YouTube

Monday, November 13, 2017 – 15:05


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