BMW driver runs red light, knocks down dog at Hougang pedestrian crossing


A BMW driver alelgedly fled the scene after running a red light and knocking down a dog at Hougang Avenue 7.

A clip taken on the dashboard camera of a taxi at the scene was posted online by facebook user Tammy Tang.

In her post, she explains that impact sent the dog, named kyla, flying quite a distance.

She also said that the driver scolded the two ladies who were walking the dog and accused them of crossing when the light was green in his favour.

Tammy said that the driver then gave his phone number but refused to wait for the police to arrive, saying that he did not want any trouble as his son’s wedding was taking place in Thailand the next day.

According to the post, the driver agreed to pay for everything but wanted to leave as he was supposedly feeling breathless and had heart problems.

And the driver also allegedly said he did not bring his licence and IC along with him, so they were unable to take down his particulars.

The post details that when the police arrived on the scene and tried to call the BMW driver back to the scene, he did not pick up and his phone was switched off.

The case was reported to the neighbourhood police post, explained the facebook post.

“Kyla has a fractured rib, and has to be kept for observation because physical trauma like this can lead to delayed internal bleeding,” said Tammy in her facebook post.

“Apparently we also cannot force him to pay for the vet bills.

“It has to be an agreement between us and the driver.

“So… yay. Another few hundred / couple thousand gone because of some stupid person.”

just watch from 0.50 onwards.Driver of an old BMW ran the red light at a pedestrian crossing and hit Kyla (Golden…

Posted by Tammy Tang on Thursday, 17 March 2016

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Monday, March 21, 2016 – 13:11
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