<Facebook complaint by Claudine>

In early 2015, Shopvexed VEXED Andrea Jang and I had a collaboration on an online flea. Whereby she (being Shopvexed) would 'sell' the products on my behalf, contact the buyer and process the payment. Thereafter, in which I would pack and mail out the item to the corresponding.

The division of payment would be for Shopvexed to receive 25% of the item cost price and the remaining 75% to me. These can be seen as per the email thread.

A payment for a $15 dress was received by Shopvexed and I was notified to mail out the item. I gave her my account number, naturally hoping to receive payment from her. However, over the course of weeks and months, was constantly told that "I'm busy" or "next week" followed by MIA.

The conversation was stored in my previous phone, in which i had my phone and number changed thus losing all the messages. There was no backup.

Tried contacting her ever since but did not receive a reply till the recent days which she decides to finally respond. She made it seem like it was a misunderstanding and that she 'forgot' on the transaction.

After agreeing to pay and transfer the money, half heartedly obviously, decides to MIA again. If it was a "mere $15" as she said, is it that difficult to pay up $11.25?! C'mon, does it take you days to walk to the ATM or log on to your ibank to transfer?

Believe I'm patient enough to have speak to her nicely and waited for her damn reply for close to a year lol. I am done with the excuses and bullshit. It clearly is an avoidance of payment. As much as I would like to respect her by not taking it to social media, she needs no respect by fooling, lying and deceiving others.

Am not writing this hoping to claim my $11.25. It's okay girl, you can have it. Dear all, please be cautious if ever dealing online. I've learnt my lesson.


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