Australian family’s surprising connection with Alibaba founder Jack Ma


Newcastle University announced the establishment of a scholarship on Friday, by Alibaba founder and Executive Chairman Ma through the Jack Ma Foundation. Alibaba owns the South China Morning Post.

Xinhua News Agency reported that the scholarship was introduced because the company intends to open in Melbourne on Saturday in Australia and New Zealand regional headquarters.

The university says the scholarship program is the largest philanthropic commitment in college history and the Jack Ma Foundation’s first charitable donation in Australia, praising the horse’s intimacy with Newcastle.

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Jack Ma and Molly Family.
In 1980, when China was in the early stages of its opening up, he met with Ken Morley, whose family was visiting the Australian-Chinese Friendship Association in Hangzhou, Zhejiang.

Ma, who later became an English teacher, then created the e-commerce platform Alibaba and asked if he could practice his English with Molly.

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Jack Ma performs martial arts on a visit to China in the 1980s. Photo: Handout.

Ma later visited Australia and was invited by Morley’s family. From the time the picture shows the young horse leaning over the Sydney Harbor Ferry on the armrest with the Sydney Opera House in the background.

“I realized that the world and I have taught the world is very different.” Ma in Alibaba’s “Duncan Clark,” said: Ma built the house. “I decided not to talk to anyone, but insisted on my own ideas.

Ma and Morley remained close friends until Morley died in 2004.

“I am very grateful to Australia and the time I spent there,” Ma said, adding that culture, landscapes and most importantly its people have had a far-reaching positive impact on my perception of the world at the time.

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Jack Ma to David’s letter.
“In order to respect my experience and special relationship with the Morey family, the Jack Ma Foundation is pleased to announce the Ma and Morey Fellowship Program, which will inspire, educate and nurture future leaders Alibaba is founded by young people, We are committed to empowering and empowering students so that they can achieve their dreams and ambitions.

Caroline McMillen, vice president of the University of Newcastle, said the program will have a transformative impact on students’ lives and shape the next generation of leaders.

“Through this decade of excellent friendship, a new generation of talented students will have the opportunity to reach their full personal and professional potential,” she said.

Local News SingaporeA young Jack Ma Ferry at Sydney Harbor in Australia. Photo: handout.
In the first year, the program will support 30 scholarships, 20 of which will support students in their degree, and 10 one-time scholarships to support educational exchanges, internships or immersion activities.

With full capacity, the program will support 90 students per year.

Ken Morley’s son David, who still lives in Newcastle, said the family was happy to see Jack remember his Newcastle ties, through the scholarship program respecting his father’s egalitarian values. – South China Morning Post