10 Most Effective Butt Exercises to Shape Up Your Body


Everyone wants to be able to shape as they feel the summer is coming. However, shaping for different people means something different.

While guys are focused on losing a few pounds and polish their chests and arms, most girls and some guys like to sculpt perfect hips, which will give them the confidence to support those tight new jeans in the town. If you want to really aim at the buttocks, you definitely need some great docking exercises.

First thing’s first – structure your workouts

You can not just do a few minutes of random movement when the mood blows you, or do about 100 sloppy and fast repeats, and then call it to exit. Before you start your workout, you need to understand some important concepts:

You need about 3 sets of 2-3 exercises for the target body part.
You need a challenging weight; more than 12-15 repetitions, you are mainly stamina, rather than growing muscles.
You need to progressively overload to make muscle growth, that is, increase weight, increase repetition, add more groups, make more challenging changes or slow down each delegate.
You can never completely isolate the muscles; other muscles will work together.
To develop a really great ass, you need legs to match.
I really recommend going for three full body exercises a week, plus 2-3 aerobic exercises, where you can add some extra butt joints to really take this body part.

This will ensure that you will not develop muscular imbalances, which can make you look a little weird and affect your health. You can switch between the exercises you select for each training session.

Do 3 groups with challenging weight, ideally you can only manage 10-12 repetitions, but up to 15-25 is acceptable if you can only use your weight. Switch to more serious changes, increase weight, add duplicate, slow or add 1-2 sets, as recommended collections and reps become easy.

1. Deep Squats

local-news-singaporeWhens do squat, especially only your body weight, preferably as low as possible, and you can keep your back straight at the same time, as this ensures maximum gluteus muscle activation. The posture should be slightly wider than the shoulder width or even wider, depending on your construction, and you should lower yourself to maintain the neutral spine.

To make sure your knees do not get caught, your upper back is not round, you can put your palms together on your chest and illuminate the elbows. I

Squatting down one leg gradually increases difficulty by keeping weight on the chest or making it easier to exercise. You will be quick to do this, they will help to increase flexibility and overall core strength.

2. Horse Stance

local-news-singaporeHorse stance or riding position is the staple of several different martial arts, is in the thigh and buttocks to establish a number of power and size of a good way. You start to stand straight, turn your normal standing about a foot or two feet away, and then you squat down as if you were to sit on a chair.

Your thighs should be parallel to the ground. You will certainly feel burned and must really focus on not giving up. Try to keep this position as long as you can. Beginners should aim for about 15-30 seconds and gradually increase this time.

Senior practitioners can hold a 5-10 minute position.

3. Step-up

local-news-singaporeStep Up is a great dynamic exercise that really activates the buttocks and provides a good cardiovascular workout. All you need is a platform slightly higher than your knees – somewhere near the middle of the thigh is good, but you can start from a lower platform – for example. a chair.

You slam it with one foot, lift your body, then put your other leg’s knees as high as possible, and then gently come down. You can be a little harder by holding small weights in your hand, or even like a large kettle in front of you, once you become stronger.

4. Glute Bridges

local-news-singaporeThis one is really hard to hit the buttocks, so be ready for some soreness later. To exercise, you simply lay on your back, your feet comfortably on the ground, knees pointing up, raising your ass off the floor until only your feet, shoulders and the back of the head touch the floor.

Make sure to push the hips as high as possible and squeeze the hips firmly at the top. Movement quickly becomes very easy, at this point you can straighten one leg, one push the next leg. You can also put some weight on your lower abdomen, for example. Dumbbell or kettle, and hold it with your hand steadily.

5. Rear Leg Lifts

local-news-singaporeKneel on your knees and hands, arms upright, you lift a leg to leave the floor, the feet pushed to the ceiling. Under the control of the legs slowly down, and then alternating between the legs.

These may be a little harder, first of all, may cause you to spasmodic, so make sure you stretch after. You can add some weight to the ankles or pinch small dumbbells between your calves and hamstrings to add some difficulty as you become stronger.

6. Side Leg Lifts

Lying on your side – you should use some extra padding on the floor like a thick folded blanket or several yoga mats – you lift one leg and then slowly pull it all the way down. Once complete, switch to the other side. It’s a great hit with some of the smaller muscles of the legs and hips.

7. Cossack Lunges

local-news-singaporeIt’s a great way to increase flexibility and balance while your legs and ass do some serious work.

When the leg is about two feet wider than the shoulder width, you move your weight to one side, squatting on that leg and keeping the other straight. Once you hit the bottom position, you point the straight leg up to the toes, hold for a second, then lift your feet back slightly to the ground and move the weight to the other side. You repeat the same on the other side and then keep alternating.

8. Fire Hydrants

local-news-singaporeStarting from the kneeling position, as the hind legs lift, and then lift one leg to the side, keep 900 knees bent. Then you start from the hip rotation, first small circle, and then a wide circle.

Do this as long as you can, about 20-30 seconds, first, three groups. This is a good exercise to open the buttocks, improve mobility, and strengthen the buttocks and some smaller muscles in the legs of the target is difficult.

9. Full Bridge

Stand on your back, feet implanted and knees, put your palm on your hands on the ground on both sides of the ground, fingers pointing to the shoulders, and then start raising the whole body, pushing the feet and hands when you push the hips up.

This requires a decent wrist and shoulder mobility, as well as some arm strength, but it is very effective. It really hits the buttocks, legs and shoulders, while extending abs and upper body.

Keep position as much as possible – first 30-60 seconds, but no more than 2-3 minutes, because you do not want too much blood to rinse your head for long periods of time – and then slowly go back and stay down for another 60-90 seconds , And then get up, so that blood flow gradually adjusted.

This is a great accomplishment and you can lift a leg and add some difficulty.

10. Flutter Kicks

local-news-singaporeIt’s a great way to aim for abs and hip, two body parts every woman wants to shape in the summer. Lying on your back, raise your leg from the ground to about 450, and then push one down when you drop another, so that you can alternate.

These are some of the best exercises to develop a complete, round and solid ass that will turn around, but you should not ignore the rest of your body or aerobic work. There is no need to go beyond it – 3 times a week training and focus on continuous improvement and you will develop all the right curves at any time.

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