Woman dies after being trapped in faulty lift for 30 days


The remains of a woman were found in an elevator after a malfunction trapped her inside for over a month.

According to NetEase, the police found a female corpse in the lift of an apartment building in China’s Xian city on March 1.

A woman resident, surnamed Wang, told reporters that the building has two elevators for residents, but one of them had been out of service since late January.

When returning from work on March 1, she saw an ambulance, police officers and paramedics outside the building.

She later learned from the police that a body had been found in the elevator.

Shanghaiist website reported Ms Wang as telling the media: “The paramedics told us that when they found the body, her hand had already begun to deform.”

“There were markings all over the inside of the elevator…it’s just too horrible,” she added.

Although the elevator was cordoned off, some elderly residents tried to peep inside the carriage.

Said a tenant. “It’s a cruel incident. We think she must have starved to death in there.”

One question remains: How the deceased was able to go missing for so long without her family, friends or anyone in the apartment building raising the alarm?


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Sunday, March 6, 2016 – 19:07
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