Walking the Stations of the Cross


Catholics commemorated Good Friday yesterday, a solemn day in honour of Jesus’ crucifixion and death.

The New Paper visited St Joseph Church in Upper Bukit Timah Road at about 10.30am to observe the occasion.

Even with half an hour to go before the mass, the hall was packed with hundreds of parishioners. Some had to stand outside in the sun and heat.

Many went through an outdoor procession called the Stations of the Cross to remember Jesus’ trials and final journey before his death.

Each of the 14 stations had a life-size sculpture inspired by the set of bronze Stations of the Cross found in Lourdes, a Catholic pilgrimage site in France. They are located along a footpath around the church.


Believers were seen walking from the first station – depicting Jesus’ death sentence for claiming to be the Son of God – to the last, where his body was placed in a tomb.

Mr Marvin Ocampo, 40, a construction coordinator, told TNP that he and his family were from the Church of St Mary of the Angels in Bukit Batok, but would visit St Joseph Church on Good Friday.

He pointed to the sculptures while carrying his daughter and said: “The visual representation is meaningful and it helps the children understand better.”

The sermon was observed with worship, prayer and the singing of hymns by hundreds of churchgoers.

Mr Ocampo said Good Friday was a day of penance and a reminder to give thanks.

That sentiment was shared by another churchgoer, Mr Charles Susay, 41, who is between jobs.

He said that he, his wife and three-year-old son would abstain from meat for 40 days – during a period called Lent – leading up to tomorrow’s Easter Sunday, which marks the day Christians celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.

“It’s a time where we lead a quieter, more humble life and reflect,” he said.

This article was first published on March 26, 2016.
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Saturday, March 26, 2016 – 21:00
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