Snake owner feeds puppy to pet python, enrages animal lovers


A snake owner has sparked outrage among animal lovers after he posted a video online of his pet python devouring a puppy.

The six-second video clip showed the gold python sniffing the puppy’s snout first before coiling itself around the animal in what looked like an attempt to strangle it.

The fate of the puppy is unknown.

Animal petition site identified the snake owner as Joyee Yeep.

In the video, a man’s voice can be heard saying in Mandarin: “It won’t eat it. Okay enough, enough.”

A woman’s voice was also later heard shrieking after the snake devoured the puppy.

The location of where the video was filmed is unclear. The clip was posted on Facebook by animal welfare group Strive for Animals Welfare (SAW) and also on Sina Weibo, where it has garnered over 191 million views.

According to SAW, the snake owner kept adopting puppies to feed them to the reptile.

“It’s enraging to watch someone feed a live dog to a snake, and it shows how sick the owner’s mind is,” commented netizen Zhou Chengyang CL.

An online petition started against Yeep by has garnered over 8,167 online signatures to date. The group aims to get 10,000 online signatures in total.

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Monday, March 21, 2016 – 14:21
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