SCDF hotline number '995' will display on phones' caller ID from June 1


From Thursday (June 1), users of SingTel, M1 and StarHub lines will see the number ‘995’ displayed on their phones’ caller ID should they be called by the SCDF.

Currently, when SCDF staff try to contact callers after emergency personnel have been dispatched to an incident, the number ‘995’ is not reflected on mobile phones and landlines with caller ID.

“Some callers may not respond to telephone calls when there is no recognisable number,” said the SCDF in a press release. “As the number “995” is distinct to the SCDF, callers would more likely respond to such calls.”

Upon receiving a call from ‘995’, the SCDF advises that members of the public immediately answer the call or return it as soon as possible if they miss it.

However, international numbers used in Singapore will not receive the caller ID on their phones. The SCDF also emphasised that numbers with the prefix ‘+995’ are not from the SCDF.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 – 18:31


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