Now you can pay final respects to Chu Ke-liang with an extended cut of his final movie


Chu Ke-liang’s last bow on the silver screen, “Hanky Panky,” will be rereleased in theatres Friday with never-before-seen footage – but for one day only.

The tribute to the actor and comedian, who died of cancer earlier this month, includes a scene showing Chu’s character (“Brother Diao”) sending off Huang Xin-yu (played by Amber Hsieh) before she heads abroad, which didn’t make the original release.

“All portions of the film were cherished, but we had to cut some parts out due to length and the overall pace of the film,” director Huang Chao-liang said.

In recent days, members of Taiwan’s film industry have gathered signatures for a petition to award Chu a lifetime achievement award at the next Golden Horse Awards – the Chinese-language equivalent of the Oscars.

Huang supports the move, saying: “Big brother Chu deserves this because during his career, each of his films attracted so many people who wouldn’t have watched movies otherwise. This was one of his greatest achievements.”

Chu reportedly closely followed the box-office returns of “Hanky Panky,” which was released in January and made NT$60 million (S$2.8 million) in its original run.

For more details on the release, visit the film’s official Facebook site.

Friday, May 26, 2017 – 10:48

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