Navigate through Geylang Serai Bazaar by indulging in these 7 treats


Dragon breath, poke bowls, crepes and fairyfloss are part of the array of treats that will be sold at the Geylang Serai Bazaar, which opens today (May 25) in conjunction with the Hari Raya Light Up 2017.

The bazaar, which will run until June 24, will house over a thousand stalls selling snacks, goodies and decorations.

Here’s some help navigating around the Bazaar by indulging in seven treats and where to find them:

1. Fairyfloss

Photo: Fairyfloss

What a magical snack! 

Be enchanted at Fairyfloss, Stall 33 along Engku Aman Road.

2. Poke bowl

Photo: Pokerrito Poke Bowl

A poke bowl is a traditional Hawaiian raw fish salad that has risen in popularity here over the past year.

You can get your poke bowl fix at Pokerrito Poke Bowl, Stall 48 in front of Geylang Serai market.

3. Fried durian

Photo: Hao-Rian

Unless you think durian smells like feet, you’ll definitely love this.

Found at Hao-Rian, which is located at Stall 190, opposite Paya Lebar MRT Station.

4. Crepes

Photo: Mak

Besides crepes, Mak (mum in Malay) will be selling berry smoothies as well.

Find them at Stall 65, opposite Geylang Serai market, along Engku Aman Road.

5. Dragon Breath

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We are back @ Tampines
Location: Tampines MRT
Date: 1st April – 30th April 2017

PS: not aprilfool.😂😂😂

Posted by MrQ Snacks on Saturday, 1 April 2017

What’s better than dragon breath? Dragon breath and fried oreos.

Look for Mr Q’s Snacks, which has two stalls – Stall 63 at Old Haig Road and Stall 25 at the old Malay Village.

6. Coconut ice-cream

Photo: Coco 2 Go

You’ll go nuts over these (they have coconut shakes too!).

Time to go to Coco 2 Go, Stall 53 at the old Malay Village.

7. Goreng pisang cheese

Photo: Pisang Melokek

In case you didn’t know, cheese is the in thing now.

Clearly, Pisang Melokek knows this, because even a traditional snack like goreng pisang gets a new lease of life when you add cheese to it.

Head over to Stall 66 at the old Malay Village to get this.

Selamat Hari Raya!

Thursday, May 25, 2017 – 17:43


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