Huge flame engulfs passenger boat near Esplanade


A boat was on fire near Esplanade’s Outdoor Theatre this evening (July 12) at around 6.30pm.

It is unclear what happened but Stomp contributor Jeffrey said he heard a loud bang before he saw the flames.

“The boat was a passenger boat, the kind that tourists take to go down the Singapore River.

“I think the fire was caused by the the boat hitting a wall”, said Jeffrey.

Photos sent by readers show thick black smoke billowing from the burning boat. The smoke was visible even from Clarke Quay.

SCDF personnel were at the scene putting out the fire. Another Stomp contributor reported seeing two fire engines as well as an ambulance at the scene.

It is unclear if there were any fatalities or if anyone was injured.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016 – 19:10
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