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Disclaimer: The above car featured is not my car. 
When Ferrari drivers don’t park in their allocated lot, frankly, I don’t blame the driver. Even though those cars that don’t have gullwing doors, it is difficult to enter the car without having the door all the way (or at least 3/4 way open). If another vehicle parks right next to the car (or if the car parks next to a wall or pillar), it’s practically impossible to get in (especially with sports seats, like in mine).
And then there’s the more important reason. Let me illustrate. Day 2 of ownership of my car, and the first day I brought her into work. I came super early (6:30am) compared to usual just to secure the perfect parking spot. 
Let me illustrate:
See how much leeway I gave to the car next to me? 
When I got back home, I found this on my car:
The ding can’t be seen as clearly as the transferred paint, but believe me, it’s there.
Mind you, this was in an underground work car park that’s not often frequented by the public. Of course, coworkers may be just as irreponsible/clueless.
I ask you: how could I have parked any better? The only thing I could’ve done differently is park entirely out of the lot (but I’ll bet someone would’ve taken that as an invitation to squeeze another car into that space).
Please don’t tell me not to drive my car. The fact that I have other cars shouldn’t matter. I pay all the (high) relevant taxes and upkeep for this car, I am entitled to drive it.
And I am not ranting too much about a ding. I accept that these are inevitable concomitants of daily driven cars. But what pisses me off is that I took all the necessary care, and yet this happens. And I have to spend time/effort/money to fix a problem that took a second of someone else’s carelessness/inconsideration/idiocy to cause.
So, back to my point: I don’t blame the Ferrari owner at all. Because a large number of Singaporean drivers (and Singaporeans in general) are inconsiderate arseholes. Sometimes it’s necessary to be inconsiderate in turn if one values one’s possessions.

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