Fans don superhero costumes for movie event


If you were at Bugis+ last Friday, you might have seen tattooed thugs pummelling each other.

There was no reason for alarm though. The scene was part of a promotional event for the upcoming movie, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

More than 70 people participated in a flash mob in the mall. They held signs and placards showing support for Batman or Superman and screamed the names of their favourite hero.

“Well, I am all for a good fight,” onlooker May Lim told The New Paper on Sunday as she whipped out her mobile phone to photograph the scuffle.

While the upcoming flick pits the titular DC Comics heroes against each other, the victor may already have been decided. This is not a movie spoiler, mind you.

It was Batman who appeared to have won the popularity contest at the launch of the hero-themed event, which saw the unveiling of three life-sized statues of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

Seven Batmen donning full gear were present, outnumbering three Supermen and two Wonder Women. Each was a super fan who had spent months creating his or her costume by hand, and they turned up to help drum up the hype for the new movie.

Mr Jason Siah, 37, who wore his movie-accurate version of the Armoured Batman, said: “I’ve always been a huge Batman fan.

“He is a hero with a tragic background, and he has no real superpower other than intelligence, which is why I identify with him.”

The events manager and two close friends spent $1,000 and over four months of painstaking work to create the suit, which is made out of foam and neoprene.

“To be honest, I can’t really see much through the Batman helmet,” he added with a laugh.


Perhaps sealing the popular vote for Batman was the unveiling of a full-sized Batmobile replica – at roughly the size of four cars – at Clarke Quay that same night.

“People tell me I look like the Asian Clark Kent,” said Superman fan Kendrick Lim, 26, as he posed for selfies with curious onlookers.

The third-year sports science student from PSB Academy added: “Yes, there are more of them today, but all I can say is that the Batmans are going to need numbers to beat us!”

The Friday launch event marked the first of many others leading up to the film premiere here.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice will be coming to cinemas on March 24.

This article was first published on March 6, 2016.
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