Fake sleeping pills turn man's suicide bid into a big yawn


A 28-YEAR-OLD man in China swallowed 200 sleeping pills to commit suicide.

But he did not die because the pills were apparently fake.

A doctor said the medicine was likely a placebo because the man had bought all of it online for just 50 yuan (RM32 or S$10.80), reported Sin Chew Daily.

The man, in Zhejiang province, had apparently wanted to take his own life after an argument with his family.

Police, acting on a tip off, rushed to a hotel room and found the man asleep on the bed.

They also found two empty bottles, believed to have contained the pills.

According to the daily, the man woke up and lit a cigarette after the policemen entered the room.

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Thursday, March 3, 2016 – 09:23
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