CS Travel's travel agent license suspended for a month


SINGAPORE – CS Travel’s travel agent licence has been suspended for a month, Singapore Tourism Board (STB) said in a statement today (Mach 22)

The firm will not be allowed to accept new bookings during the period of suspension – from March 18 to April 17 – while it is required to fulfil its “existing contractual obligations” to customers, STB said.

CS Travel was suspended because it “carried on the business of a travel agent in a manner that renders it unfit to continue to hold a licence for the period of suspension and for having contravened provisions under the Travel Agents Regulations”, STB said in the statement.

STB revealed that it had received 12 consumer complaints relating to CS Travel’s “lack of professionalism” and “poor service” since 2013.

CS Travel will be allowed to carry on business as a travel agent after the suspension period, STB has said.

A check on CS Travel’s Facebook page showed that it has an office at the third floor of Chinatown Point (133 New Bridge Road).


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Tuesday, March 22, 2016 – 19:32
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