Beware of fake police website asking for personal information


SINGAPORE: The Singapore Police Force on Wednesday (Nov 15) warned members of the public of a fake police website that instructs victims to key in personal information such as their bank account details and passwords. 

This happened to a 60-year-old woman. She later realised that S$80,000 had been transferred from her bank account without her knowledge, said the police. 

It started when the woman received a call from someone claiming to be a police officer, who told her that her bank accounts had been used for money laundering activities.

The caller also told her that investigations were ongoing, and warned her not to share details of the investigation with anyone.

Screenshot showing the fake “E-Services” pages where members of the public can be scammed. (Photo: Singapore Police Force) 

(Photo: Singapore Police Force) 

The victim subsequently received a call from another person who directed her to a website which resembled the Singapore Police Force’s website. She keyed in her bank account details and passwords on the website as instructed.

The woman made a police report on Tuesday, after realising that a large sum of money had been transferred from her accounts. 

In its advisory, the police clarified that their official website is

They also urged members of the public to ignore such instructions to transfer money as government agencies would not ask for payments to be made through calls. People should also avoid giving out their personal information or bank details through a website or over the phone. 

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