Baby named 'Pajero Sport' wanted by Mitsubishi Indonesia


Everyone, meet Pajero Sport. No, not the Mitsubishi car model, but a month-old baby boy, reported to be the fourth child of a Muis Iskandar and Novi Yanti from Indonesia.

According to, a photo of a certificate announcing the baby’s birth on April 26 swiftly went viral after it was posted online.

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If Indonesian media sources are to be believed, the photo was so widely shared that it even caught the eye of Mitsubishi’s sole agent in Indonesia. Pajero Sport is a popular four wheel drive (4WD) model of the Japanese carmaker in Indonesia.

The company was so determined to track the family down that it posted a notice on its social media account: “Whoever knows any information and phone number of the baby named Pajero Sport, please contact us, because we wish to meet up to congratulate and thank you for choosing the name,” Kompass reported.

However, the post on Mitsubishi Sun Purwokerto has since been deleted.

According to World of Buzz, netizens speculated that the baby’s father wanted his son to be strong and athletic like the rugged sports utility vehicle (SUV), hence the name. Some were also curious, as we were, to the names given to his first three children.

When reporters from Kompass managed to get a hold of the baby’s father, he had a simple answer to why he gave his son that unusual name – it was something that he had thought about for a long time, simply because he really, really, liked the car.



Wednesday, May 31, 2017 – 18:13

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