WATCH: Indonesians play fire football to kill boredom during Ramadan


Students of the Riyadhlus Solihin Islamic boarding school in Mojolaban spent their leisure time playing a football match, Tuesday, except that they substituted the typically-inflated ball with a coconut set on fire.

In two teams, the students kicked the fireball at each other on an asphalt football pitch, occasionally scoring goals in each team’s net.

After the scorching match, the students took a break, with legs and feet covered in ash.

Asked what he had been doing, Abdul Rahman said he had been playing “fireball after Taraweeh prayers during this month of fasting to avoid boredom.”

The fireball practice is a tradition related to ‘Pencak Silat,’ a traditional Indonesian martial art.

Saturday, June 24, 2017 – 01:00

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