Marine service provider chairman Farid Khan announces presidency bid


SINGAPORE — The chairman of marine service provider Bourbon Offshore Asia Pacific, Mr Farid Khan Kaim Khan, announced on Tuesday (July 11) his intention to contest in the upcoming Presidential Election reserved for Malay candidates.

The 62-year-old Singaporean of Pakistani descent, who has been working at the Singapore-based firm for more than 10 years, told the media at a press conference that he is contesting to “fulfil the people’s wish and trust”.

Asked if he qualifies as a Malay candidate given the upcoming reserved elections, Mr Farid said Malays in the community hailed from different groups, such as the Javanese and Boyanese. Noting that he grew up in Geylang Serai, he added that he considers himself a Malay of Pakistani descent. 

“I was born in the Malay village in Geylang Serai, the heart of the Malay community. And I adopted the Malay language, and when I studied in school, my second language was Malay… So, I’m very confident that I can be qualified as a Malay,” Mr Farid said.

On Tuesday, he highlighted five key issues that he would champion if elected, which include working with the Government and other organisations to stem the growing threat of radicalism. He also unveiled his slogan “Together We Build Our Nation”.

Some other issues he would advocate include strengthening trust among people regardless of race and religion, strengthen the social fabric which involves helping the needy and troubled youth, create more job opportunities as well as strengthen families as the building blocks of the society.

“I wish to serve this nation which I feel capable of doing so to the best of my knowledge and ability,” said the father of two children.

Bourbon Offshore Asia Pacific currently employs about 800 workers in the region, and is part of French company Bourbon, which has more than 10,000 employees.

Apart from his position at the firm, Mr Farid is also the director of Greenship Holdings.

Last month, four of Mr Farid’s friends collected forms for the coming Presidential Election on his behalf.

Since applications opened on June 1, those who have picked up forms so far include chief executive officer of Second Chance Properties Salleh Marican and private-hire driver Shirwin Eu. Aspiring candidates can also download the application forms online.

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