Korean actor Park Hae-jin continues reinventing himself


Since his debut in 2006 with the KBS drama “Famous Chil Princesses,” Park Hae-jin has played a doctor, chaebol scion, stoic college senior and special intelligence agent.

But it could be a role he is taking up for the second time that excites his fans most.

In the movie version of “Cheese in the Trap,” Park reprises the role of stoic college senior Yoo Jung from the hit 2016 tvN drama series.

“The drama series and film genres are quite similar, but the movie version will have more scenes that the webtoon did not have,” Park said. “Also, it also has some unique thriller scenes which moviegoers might find interesting.”

Television still: Cheese In The Trap starring Park Hae Jin.
Photo: Starhub

He added that his fans might like the film version much more than the drama, since he has a bigger share of the action.

Having turned 34, Park said “Cheese in the Trap” might be his last chance to play a college student.

But his packed diary shows he has now shortage of other roles. He is currently starring as intelligence agent Kim Seol-woo in JTBC’s romance series “Man to Man.”

Man To Man stars Park Hae Jin as a secret agent working undercover as an action star’s bodyguard.
Photo: Netflix

And after he finishes filming “Cheese in the Trap” on June 20, the actor is slated to play four different roles in the upcoming drama “Saja.” He has already begun agonizing over how he will portray each one.

“Playing different roles in a short period can be confusing sometimes and I might be missing some parts as well,” Park said. “But that would be just a minor mistake. To avoid getting mixed up with different characters, I always write things in details and try to analyse each character in greater depth. I think that’s why working in this (acting) field makes us become more sensitive.”

Despite his hectic schedule, the actor often re-watch dramas that he starred in.

“Recently, I watched ‘My Love from the Star’ and ‘Famous Chil Princesses.’ I get to reflect on my acting, especially while watching my debut drama,” he said.

“People often said at the time that I was not good at acting but I didn’t know why. But now I understand why people said that. My acting was so horrible back then. It makes me cringe!”

He then added, “It hurt to accept the criticism but I thank them now. Looking back at myself, I feel proud of the improvements I made in my acting skills.”

Television still: In The Name Of The People starring Park Hae Jin (L) and Kim Min Jung (R).
Photo: Netflix

Park, however, said that he is not confident about playing romantic roles. He is embarrassed to say cheesy lines, he said.

Rather, he spoke with confidence that he can play a lonely, warm-hearted character, like Kim Seol-woo in “Man to Man.”

Park also said he was interested in playing a teacher, where he gets to act with child actors.

Monday, June 5, 2017 – 12:19

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