Jobseeker in limelight after self-promotion stunt on pedestrian bridge


In the face of a tightly competitive job market in the nation’s capital, 21-year-old Asrofi wanted to stand out from the rest to score a career.

“Jakarta is crazy and I have to be even crazier to find a job,” Asrofi said on Monday, as quoted by Antara news agency.

Asrofi recently gained attention on social media after a stunt on Wednesday last week saw him standing on a pedestrian bridge in Grogol, West Jakarta, holding a sign that said “I need a job,” along with a brief resume and a contact number.

Asrofi’s picture, which showed him holding the sign while dressed in a collared shirt, blue tie and with his hair neatly brushed, was widely shared on social media, as well as various groups on messaging platform WhatsApp.

The move garnered a number of offers for an interview, Asrofi said, resulting in a busy schedule on Monday.

The former parking lot attendant had several interviews lined up across the capital, including in Gambir, Central Jakarta.

Driven to achieve success, Asrofi said he was not too picky in choosing which interviews to attend.

A graduate of a state vocational school (SMK) in Kebumen regency, Central Java, Asrofi explained he wanted to set aside his ego to do something different and brave in order to stand out.

“Everyone must feel a sense of pride. In my opinion, if we think too much about that sense of pride, when is that going to go on? Many people have laughed at me, but I think, I could be in this condition right now, but then, we don’t know how I would turn out in the future,” he said, adding that he had been standing on the pedestrian bridge for an hour before a city official asked him to leave.

Last week’s stunt was Asrofi’s second time standing on a pedestrian bridge holding up the same sign.

His previous attempt at landing a job had resulted in an invitation to talk at a special event in South Jakarta, he said, without adding further details on the event.

After graduating from vocational school, Asrofi left his hometown and headed to Jakarta in search of a better life.

“In the future, I want to work and study in communications. That has been my mission since leaving the village,” Asrofi said.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017 – 12:57


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