Japan is making a Pikachu train for Pokemon fans – here's how to get tickets


If you aren’t on the Pokemon train yet, now you can literally jump on one.

Japan’s JR East railway company has designed a Pikachu-themed train, in collaboration with The Pokemon Company.

The new train is the latest in the Pokemon with You disaster relief project, that was launched to cheer up children hit by the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake. That effort launched an earlier Pokemon train in 2012, but this one is all about the series’ main star.

JR East released [PDF] concept photos of the new train, revealing rosy cheeks to rival Pikachu’s own:


The sides of the train are patterned with the adorable electric rodent, and the two-car carriage will see a lot of yellow and brown within:


The company aims to have the train’s yellow and brown bench seats facing each other, in the hopes that families sit with each other during the ride, SoraNews24 reported. Kids can also have fun in a special play area filled with large Pikachus.


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Like its predecessor, the Pikachu train will continue to ply the Ofunato Line from Ichinoseki station to Kesennuma station when it begins service on 15 July this year.

You can pre-order tickets for the Pikachu train here.

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