HSA issues alert on cosmetic set containing 'very high mercury levels', prohibited ingredients


Two of the products in the Glow Glowing Skincare 4-in-1 set were found to be harmful to consumers, with one containing 25,000 times more mercury than permitted.

HSA issued an alert Tuesday (Jul 18) on the Glow Glowing 4-in-1 cosmetic set, whose products contain high mercury levels and prohibited ingredients. (Photo: HSA)

SINGAPORE: Do not buy or use the Glow Glowing Skincare 4-in-1 cosmetic set, which comprises two products containing “very high levels of mercury and other potent prohibited ingredients”, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) warned on Tuesday (Jul 18). 

One of the products, the Night Glowing cream, was found to contain mercury levels exceeding the permissible limits by more than 25,000 times, which can pose a “serious health hazard”, said HSA. 

The Night Glow cream, it added, was found to contain the prohibited and potent tretinoin and hydroquinone. The latter ingredient detected in this cream was “three times higher than concentrations found in products used for skin treatments”. 

HSA said the findings were the result of an investigation into public feedback that the whitening effect of the creams was “too immediate”. 

Both the Night Glowing and Night Glow creams were sold on various online platforms and marketed for skin brightening and whitening, as well as to help reduce pimples, said the authority. 

Though only two products in the cosmetic set were found to be harmful, consumers should stop using the entire set, as well as any other sets containing the creams, said HSA, adding that those who experience adverse effects from using the creams should consult a doctor. 


In its alert, HSA said it was working with online platforms to remove the products from their websites. 

“Sellers must stop selling the Night Glowing and Night Glow creams immediately, both in their individual form and as a cosmetic set such as the Glow Glowing Skincare 4-in-1 cosmetic set,” the authority said. 

It added: “Sellers have the responsibility to ensure that the cosmetic products they are selling are safe for use and comply with Singapore’s regulatory requirements for the sale and supply of cosmetic products, including the absence of prohibited substances.”

HSA said it will take action against anyone found selling the affected creams. Those guilty of supplying illegal health products may face up to three years in jail, fined S$100,000 or both.

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