Durian fest for Ah Meng as Singapore Zoo turns 44


SINGAPORE: The Singapore Zoo on Tuesday (Jun 27) celebrated its 44th anniversary with a durian feast for celebrity orangutan Ah Meng and her friends.

Ah Meng, Chomel, Putra, Anita and Anita’s new baby quickly tore into the gift boxes containing the thorny fruit and devoured the durians while an audience of selected Friends of Singapore Zoo and Friends of Wildlife sang Happy Birthday to them.

Twenty-year-old orangutan Chomel could not get enough of the durian as she licked her fingers clean. (Photo: Wildlife Reserves Singapore)

Singapore Zoo’s animal icon Ah Meng chows on her favourite food. (Photo: Wildlife Reserves Singapore)

Invited guests got to join in the feast and take pictures with the orangutans.

The event was also streamed live on Facebook for online fans to “join in the festivities”.

According to one of the zookeepers providing commentary for the occasion, the apes love durians. “The orangutans will consume everything,” one of the zookeepers said. “The only thing that will probably be left at the end of the day will be the stem.”

Singapore Zoo was officially opened in June 1973 and is one of the world’s first “open concept” zoos.

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