2 YouTubers in Korea accused of child abuse in videos


Two YouTubers who post clips related to children are to be reported to the police for child abuse.

Save the Children Korea, a nongovernmental organisation that promotes children’s rights, said Thursday it would report the two YouTube users to Mapo Police Station in Seoul.

According to the organisation, one user uploaded a video in which a father disguised himself as a thief to scare his child.

In the clip, the father threatens the child with an electric fly swatter, saying, “I will kidnap your mother.”

He demanded that the child sing and dance, and the child complied while crying.

Another user staged a situation in which a child steals money from the father’s wallet.

The father ran over the child’s favourite doll with a car on purpose.

Both channels have a considerable number of subscribers on YouTube.

Friday, September 15, 2017 – 11:59

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