Chrissy Teigen refuses to see more photos of 'John babies'


Photos of babies that look like celebrities are cute. However, American supermodel Chrissy Teigen has had enough.

After being bombarded with photos of babies that look like her husband John Legend, Teigen has asked her fans to stop sending photos of “John babies.”

She tweeted on Monday, “For the last time, John looks like a baby. So a lot of babies look like him. Stop sending me [photos of] John babies.”

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NY Daily News reports that in 2014, a photo of a 4-month-old baby that looked like the singer went viral. Since then, fans have been sending the couple photos of babies that resemble the singer.

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Prior to Teigen’s tweet, Legend responded to a Twitter post that pointed out that a lot of babies look like him because he looks like a baby.

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After Teigen’s last tweet, some fans still posted tweets saying that their babies look like Legend.

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Thursday, July 6, 2017 – 12:46

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